Biotechnology Company

Sefunda, LLC


Funding Goal $6,000,000
Funding Raised So Far $0
Funding Commitments $0
Funding Remaining $6,000,000
Funding Type Common Equity
Pre-Money Valuation
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Company Overview

Sefunda, is a small dedicated team of professionals with a background in IVD product development, molecular epidemiology, medical device development, and material science combined with business strategy. Sefunda is funded by seed investors.

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Business Summary

Company Age 3 years, 7 months
Employees 14
Sub-Industry Biotechnology – Devices & Equipment
Prior Year Revenue
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A Real Time Diagnostics Platform.

Through our rapid, lean and accessible testing platform we make patient-tailored treatment truly accessible and affordable for everybody – delivering immediate actionable results for treatment decisions within one single visit. By combining robust, proven, and adaptable technology with smart multiplexing capabilities, we bring the precision of a molecular diagnostics lab to your office.

For the production, the company plans to develop intellectual property, including patents.

We held already talks with relevant lawyers. This is too early now because we would have to announce too much. We'd better wait until the "Pre-Production Product" - so late in 2022 ... our platform will be protected above all by "Trade Secret".

We are currently not with an IP that needs another 10+ years until it is ready for the product (much lower technical/scientific risk) but we use PCR technology, are at the speed of the cycles (warming and cooling faster and thus the result within less than 30 minutes).

Chlamydia and Gonorrhoeae are the most common notifiable infectious diseases* in the US.

Both Chlamydia and Gonorrhea can cause severe reproductive complications and co-infection can lead to a higher transmission rate of HIV. Rapid detection and prompt treatment of patients and partners are detrimental to prevent spreading. Cephalosporin-resistant N. gonorrhea is often resistant to multiple classes of antibiotics and is likely to fail empiric treatment. Today the percentage of these strains worldwide hovers around 30% and leaves plenty of leverage for a safe treatment with cephalosporins like Ciprofloxacin. However, current guidelines precautionary recommend a dual antibiotic treatment including an injectable drug which represents the last treatment option. As strains resistant to this last-resort treatment have already emerged, It is only a matter of time until they take over and render some Gonorrhoeae infections untreatable..
Rapid detection of a curated set of antimicrobial-resistant markers can help decide which treatment is safe,


Michael B. Brueck
Chief Chairman
Michael B. Brueck

- Senior Manager disposing of more than 20 years of experience running 10+million businesses in Medical technology and Pharma with proven capability managing people from diverse cultural backgrounds from EU, US, and global operations.
- A motivational leader with a track record of talent recruitment, retention and motivation, remuneration programs, and team incentives with a habit to succeed in managing people and organizations through diverse challenging conditions in change and turnaround settings
- A full scope of business management and business development skills including P&L management, strategic marketing, CRM, mergers & acquisitions, supply, operations, finance, and human resources.
- Specialties: - Leadership, - Corporate Marketing, - Cost Control, - Forecasts, - Supply Chain , - Turnaround, - Sales & Marketing Strategy, - Business Development, - B2B Key Account Management, - B2C Hospital Sales, - Portfolio Management.

Eric Kuebler
Vice President Executive Officer
Eric Kuebler

1993 - Ph.D. Biochemie - Biocenter University of Basel
2006 - Present - Dozent Molekularbiologie - Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW

Paul R. Hofer
General Executive Officer
Paul R. Hofer

1967 - 1972 - Lic. rer. pol . - University of Basel

04/2019 - Present - CEO/CFO at Sefunda AG/Swiss

Melanie Schaepers
Director Operating Officer
Melanie Schaepers

Working in medical technology for more than 15 years in leading positions. Program lead in a global project on implementing and executing the RoHS directive in a leading med-tech company. An experienced leader in building and developing new teams and driving change.

July 2019 - Present - Chief Operating Officer at Sefunda AG

Katharina Elmer
Director Manufacturing/Production
Katharina Elmer

Dedicated product development scientist with a wide range of interest and expertise in academic and biotech industry setting - Deep understanding of next-generation sequencing - Early contributor to growing genomics and bioinformatics start-up - Demonstrated efficient communication across functional areas and catalyzed internal and external collaborations - Strong interest in deployment, the realization of ideas, regulatory challenges and customer feedback - Excellent at low-level troubleshooting and high-level strategic thinking - Personable, outgoing, and engaging personality.

August 2019 - Present - Senior Product Manager Infectious Disease Diagnostics at Sefunda AG.


Individual Investor
Spectrum Capital Suisse S. A.

Venture Debt from:: Mr. Olav Noack, c/o Spectrum Capital Suisse S.A. - SFR 96,282.73, = $106,893.66

Loaned Amount
Investment Type
Investment Round
Investment Date
Debt Provider
SEFUNDA CTT GmbH, Augsburg

Debt Loan from Sefunda CTT GmbH, Augsburg - CEO Mrs. Sonja Grenzebach-Proeller

Loaned Amount
Investment Type
Investment Round
Investment Date
Individual Investor

Equity Capital from SEFUNDA CTT GmbH

Invested Amount
Investment Type
Investment Round
Investment Date

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