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Sky Systemz


Funding Goal $5,000,000
Funding Raised So Far $450,000
Funding Commitments $500,000
Funding Remaining $4,050,000
Funding Type Convertible Debt
Pre-Money Valuation
Investor Ownership
Interest / Dividend
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Company Overview

Sky is a direct competitor to Square ($120B) and Shopify ($135B) with a more profitable business model.

Our business model offers free software and makes money from payment processing, similar to that of Square. However, we are focused on serving an untapped segment of the market we call legacy small and mid-sized enterprises, or LSMEs.

These are businesses that may understand the benefits of cloud technology, but are unsure how to adopt. Our boots on the ground sales approach allows us to reach these customers to educate, acquire, and serve LSMEs all throughout the country, while also converting Square customers with a superior software offering and personalized customer support.

Here are some highlights

30% growth each month
Highly successful, experienced leadership team
Operating in one of the most acquisitive industries in the world
Average customer processes $600,000 annually vs $150,000 at Square
Only operational in four states and 18 markets
Expanding throughout U.S. in 50 states and 200 markets

Target Market Verticals:
- Tire Retail
- Moving Companies
- Dog Groomers and Salons
- Auto Repair & Auto Retail (car dealerships)
- Furniture Retail
- Lumber & Home Improvement
- Pool & Outdoor Retail
- Funeral Homes
- Grocery & Convenience Stores
- Consumer Electronics
- Restaurants
- Hotels & Lodging
- Salons

Sky prioritizes the above verticals when it enters a new market, but can work with any business type. We convert both Square customers and LSMEs. We believe the LSME market is larger than the small businesses and sole proprietors that companies like Square and JPMorgan are fighting to serve.

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Business Summary

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Cloud POS System

Choose between 5 POS themes to run your business. A cloud POS gives both your employees and customers an interface to buy and sell goods. Meanwhile, you as the business owner are able to manage your business and access all of your company data from anywhere in the world using a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

The Sky cloud POS is one of the most diverse systems in the world, capable of working with auto dealerships, specialty retailers such as tire and furniture, convenience stores, or restaurants. This gives the company an addressable market worth trillions of dollars.

Inventory Management

Sky has one of the easiest yet most sophisticated inventory management systems in the world. It is built to add products quickly and sell them even faster. 100s of businesses trust Sky Systemz to keep their inventory in check, managing 10s of thousands of products.

User Management

Manage your employees hours, tips, and the revenue they generate for your business. This allows you to make quick decisions. about scheduling and necessary workforce to maximize your profits.

Furthermore, HadePay Systems is the only cloud POS system that allows organizations to manage unlimited number of business entities, employees, and stores under one POS system.

BrickLine "Online" POS

Unlike other online payment systems, HadePay Systems has built an online payment gateway that allows brick and mortar businesses to accept payments on their website. The difference between our solution is it's built to cohesively work with the store POS, and provides unique functionality to serve our target verticals.

Business Analytics

Powerful analytics that give you complete oversight of your business. Visualize basic sales and transaction data, or go deeper to look at product, category, and employee trends. You can visualize taxes owed from month to month, discounts, average transaction, and so much more.

Restaurant POS

POS settings specifically for restaurants to enable more features and allow the following functions to operate a restaurant.

- unlimited users with PIN access
- track tips for each users with cash out reporting
- attributes and variables for each product to enable ordering of Large (Attribute) Pizza (Product) with Pepperoni and Sausage (variables)
- Delivery, Curbside, Pay Now, and Send to Kitchen options to serve any kind of restaurant
- Kitchen monitor to collect incoming orders from POS, to-go, and online
- Authorize and Capture or Tip after Swipe gratuity options
- Split orders
- Customizable gift card program

Retail POS

POS theme built specifically for retailers to give them features necessary to operate a retail environment

- Barcode scanning for checkout
- Inventory management
- Unlimited users with customizable permissions
- Unlimited number of locations
- Layaway
- Flexible product options such as $0 priced discretionary items that are and aren't taxed
- Online store with scheduled pickups that sync with inventory

Service POS

POS theme built specifically for consumer and professional service driven businesses to provide necessary features to operate a service environment

- Larger product buttons and express checkout for high volume purchases
- Online store with bookings and deposit options
- Booking and event management solution
- Gift cards
- Ticket system using barcodes
- Unlimited users and locations with permissions
- PIN based login system or additional user login credentials


Brian Nichols
Chief Executive Officer
Brian N......

N...... previously founded and developed MatriX on, a popular media and analytics site. Before Hade and ODP, N...... was a professional investor and McGraw-Hill author of books aimed at behavioral finance, growth and value investing.

N...... has chosen to focus solely on ODP Solutions over Hade Technologies, calling it the best investment and business he has ever been a part of. Whereas most businesses must overcome a tremendous degree of hardships, Sky's success has been somewhat seamless as the need became obvious.

N...... leads the product design and vision of the overall company, but will focus more of his energy on enterprise sales and marketing moving forward.

John Tracey
Chief Financial Officer
John T......

Former CFO of big data startup Akuda Labs and most recently the CFO of Scenario, one of the largest manufacturers of theme park rides in the U.S., John knows how to run big fast-growing companies.

T...... has held CFO roles at companies with revenue upwards of $3 billion annually, and is bringing his expertise to Sky due to his confidence in what we are trying to accomplish.

T...... has the accounting and financial skills to keep the business operating efficiently while also having a great understanding of corporate development to drive its value higher.

Drew Barnholtz
General Counsel/Legal Officer
Drew B......

Drew is an ambitious attorney with 21 years of experience in the banking, financial, and regulatory space, having deep expertise in relevant fields such as PCI compliance, DSS requirements, and fund raising.

Drew is currently working on improved customer terms and agreements, reseller agreements, and partnership agreements that we can use to significantly grow our presence.

Mike Malott
Chief Development
Mike M......

Mike started as a computer programmer straight out of college, and has evolved into the company's right-hand man as a jack of all trades. Mike is a motivated individual who works closely with account managers in product and technical support while also leading the design and development of HadePay Systems, along with CEO Brian Nichols.

Jenna Winzenburg
Managing/Manager Marketing Officer
Jenna W......

As a passionate content creator, Jenna W...... has worked in traditional and non traditional media to engage audiences of all demographics. The daughter of a communications professor, her career launched early as the youngest news/talk radio producer in the country at the age of 16. A graduate of Florida Southern College, Jenna continued to round out her knowledge of marketing and entertainment in television development with Universal Orlando Resort, Digital Content Director for iHeartRadio in the MidSouth Region, and Social Media Manager at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa. Jenna's approach to marketing includes leveraging digital platforms to ignite the connection between brands and the people who support them. Jenna now proudly manages the social media and content for Sky Systemz, a revolutionary series of technology solutions for businesses.


Funding Goal $5,000,000
Funding Raised So Far $450,000
Funding Commitments $500,000
Funding Remaining $4,050,000
Funding Type Convertible Debt
Pre-Money Valuation
Investor Ownership
Interest / Dividend
Previous Funding



Sky Systemz

Orlando, FL 32819, US

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