Spot On Networks, LLC

New Haven, CT 06510, US

Spot On Networks, LLC ("Spot On" or the "Company") has implemented a subscriber-based service business of wireless broadband access utilizing high quality and cost-effective technology platforms to provide wireless broadband Internet access to residential users in Multifamily Dwelling Units ("MDUs"), hotel guests and enterprise users in commercial multitenant buildings ("MTUs") nationwide. The Company is positioned to capitalize on a $35 million investment already made in proprietary wireless security software, network infrastructure and strong business relationships with telecom giants seeking to offload data from overutilized cellular systems, energy management giants seeking to reduce costs of installing "green" energy products and building owners seeking to reduce operating expense and satisfy tenant demands for mobile services and energy efficiency. In substantially all of the properties in which the Company installs its secure, high quality networks, it has obtained the exclusive right to manage and coordinate the Wi-Fi services offered by the building to its tenants through long term contracts and has recently filed for a patent on the design of indoor Wi-Fi networks.

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Wi-Fi Nationwide

Secure, high quality networks that provide high speed wireless internet access using fiber optic backbone to provide services to different devices with different uses. Implementation of these services in multifamily residential and multitenant commercial buildings reduces interference of radio signals and improves overall performance as well as increases capacity for smartphones and other devices.

Cellphone Data Offload

Using patent pending technology, the Company provides Cellphone Carrier Data Offload to residents of multifamily residential communities and employees of companies in multitenant commercial properties that subscribe to cellphone services in dense, urban environments. Because the capacity of cellphone services is limited by the amount of available radio frequency spectrum, and data requirements are increasing by greater than 50% per year, Wi-Fi offers the best alternative to the cellphone carriers to provide additional capacity.

Energy Management, Control and Security via Wireless Backbone service

The Company provides Energy Management, Control and other bolt on applications via a Multipurpose Wireless Backbone service in multitenant commercial buildings and multifamily residential buildings as well as retail establishments such as restaurants. The venue owner uses Smartphones or Tablets to control and monitor energy usage. Wi-Fi can also be offered to tenants, residents and patrons of the various facilities.


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Chief Executive Officer
Richard Sherwin

Richard J. (“Dick”) Sherwin is one of our founding members, a Manager and our Chief Executive Officer. From 1990 through 1999, Mr. Sherwin played a key role in the formation and development of the company that became Metromedia International Group, Inc., an organization formed to expand wired and wireless communications in several republics of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. In this role, he initiated joint ventures with several eastern European partners and governments and established operations (which included developing technologies, creating marketing and sales programs and instituting financial reporting) in many of these areas. From 1999 until our formation in 2003, Mr. Sherwin was President and Chief Executive Officer of Rigo Telecommunications, Inc., a vehicle for investment in foreign entities and a consultancy in the field of telecommunications. Mr. Sherwin received a BSc. in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Chief Financial Officer
Jay Disler

Jay Disler is our Chief Financial Officer. Prior to joining us in 2009, Mr. Disler served as Chief Financial Officer for telecommunications and technology companies including Graphic Scanning Corp., ECCS, Inc. and FPI Thermoplastic Technologies. Previously, he served as Audit Manager at Deloitte and Touche. He received a B.A. and MBA from Rutgers University, and received his CPA license in New York and New Jersey.

Chief Operating Officer
Tom Doyle

Thomas E. Doyle is our Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. From 1994 through 1999, Mr. Doyle was the Vice President of Operations and Business Development of Software Corporation of America, an entity that provided software implementations for wireless communications. From 1999 through 2005, Mr. Doyle was the Regional Sales Manager for New York City at Motorola Corp., where has was responsible for the sales, project management, implementation and business development of the voice and data communications business in the public safety area. Mr. Doyle received a B.A. in Philosophy-Economics from Columbia College and an M.A. in Economics from New York University.

Chief Technology Officer
Jason Hintersteiner

Prior to joining Spot On Networks, Mr. Hintersteiner spent 10 years working for ASML and its predecessor, Silicon Valley Group. His primary role was in the development of system requirements and system architectures for leading-edge photolithography systems. Mr. Hintersteiner's experience includes troubleshooting and redesign of illumination dose control systems for in-field lithography tools and the design and implementation of a projection lens wave-front aberration measurement and control system. He also spent 5 ½ years supervising multiple teams researching and developing the commercial and technical feasibility of Optical Maskless Lithography, a leading edge technology designed to replace mask-based lithography with dynamic pattern generation for low-volume integrated circuit applications.

Mr. Hintersteiner holds a Bachelor's degree and Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from M.I.T. and an Master's degree in Business Administration from UCONN.

Vice President Sales
Craig Edgar

Craig Edgar is a customer driven manager and sales professional with 20 plus years experience in driving business results in wireless telecommunications and evolving communication technologies. Extensive frontline sales and management experience; new product ventures, carrier and wholesale services; selling strategies, productivity, retail, indirect and business to business within national, regional and local customer environments.
Intuitive sense for applications of emerging products, identifying business requirements, painting a vision and applying it to the customer’s needs; growth and retention centric, return on investment and valuation focused, diligent follow-up, with a business is earned attitude derived from motivation to succeed and provide superior service and products.


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