Sustainable Asset Equity Fund

Farmville, NC 27828, US
Alternative & Renewable Energy

The Sustainable Asset Equity Fund (“SAEF”) is a newly organized entity that provides investors the opportunity to profit from clean waste-to-energy and solar projects via a low-risk investment with a healthy return.

SAEF has identified several investment opportunities, primarily in the waste-to-energy biomass sector, where it will extend subdebt financing (the “Loan”) to fully developed and third-party vetted energy projects. Any SAEF biomass investment must first pass the due diligence process of a major US bank. In fact, a bank must commit to provide the money required to fully construct the project (i.e. approximately ~70% to 80% of capital costs) prior to any SAEF investment. This process and investment criteria enhance the security of a SAEF investment.

SAEF was formed by the principals of the Power Resource Group (PRG), a developer of renewable and waste-to-energy projects in North Carolina ( PRG has developed a pipeline of biomass projects that are ready for investment. SAEF will have the opportunity to invest in these "fully baked" once a particular project passes the rigors of bank due diligence and achieves a funding commitment from a major US bank. Given that PRG's pipeline projects will largely be replicas of an already constructed and successfully generating project located in Farmville, North Carolina ("Project 1 - featured here in photos and media coverage"), along with the fact that PRG already has existing banking relationships in place that have made investments into Project 1, PRG anticipates securing the majority for funding required for its pipeline Projects in short order. .

If interested in taking the next step with SAEF please contact us to be provided our investment Term Sheet, and ultimately, Private Placement Memorandum for additional information.

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Biomass Energy Projects

SAEF provides a portion of the equity funding (levered by bank financing) to build biomass power plant projects. SAEF was started by experienced project developers with successful operating plants, and utilizes investor capital only after bank due diligence and commitment. Low transaction costs, no project acquisition costs, returns enhanced with reasonable debt terms and secured with performance guarantees from proven technology and feedstock.

SAEF is a new Fund, created to deploy capital to projects in 2021. The development company ( is well established with previously-funded operating projects.


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Senior Manager
Rich Deming

Rich DemingBased in North Carolina, Rich is the lead project developer and originator of the Farmville One Project. After 10+ years as a developer and project manager of large-scale mixed-use construction projects, Rich entered the renewable energy industry in 2004 with a commitment to a vision of distributed waste-to-energy systems. Rich was also the co-founder of a consulting firm in Charlotte, North Carolina which advised private and government clients on all aspects of waste-to-energy projects. Rich has a long history of productive interaction with Duke Energy, and in 2010 was asked to study the problem of the utility’s inability to fulfill the poultry waste carve-out in the NC Renewable Portfolio Standard. In November 2016 Rich relocated his offices to the region - as well as his household - in order to ensure a full commitment to the projects in the coming years.

Senior Manager
Bob Nahiddi

Bob NahiddiBob is a lawyer based out of Toronto, Ontario, Bob has spent his legal career working in the finance and renewable energy sectors. Prior to going in-house Bob worked in a prominent Bay Street law firm assisting clients with the finance structuring and renewable energy project transactions. During his time as Legal Counsel and Director of Business Development at SunEdison Canada, Bob developed a number of energy storage and large-scale utility solar projects – most notably a 40MW project that was granted a 20-year power purchase agreement under Ontario’s Large Renewable Procurement hosted by the IESO (Independent Electricity System Operator). Bob also has the know-how to deal efficiently with large quasi-governmental utilities; having successfully structured and negotiated a joint venture between SunEdison Canada and Canada’s largest energy generator, OPG (Ontario Power Generation).

Senior Manager
Jean Sawaya

Jean SawayaBased out of Toronto, Ontario, Jean is the team’s lead technical expert and financial guru. An engineer by trade, Jean has a “hands-on” understanding of the energy industry with a plethora of experience in a variety of energy projects amassed over two decades in the industry. From conventional gas-powered plants, to coal, nuclear, wind, solar, biogas and biomass, Jean has worked on energy projects in Europe and across North America. In 2016 Jean worked closely on a biogas development in rural Ontario having a 20-year power purchase agreement pursuant to Ontario’s FIT Program and most recently Jean provided valuable financial and technical insight in bringing the Farmville One Project to substantial completion.

Administrative Development
Elizabeth Semple

Elizabeth SempleElizabeth Semple, Fund Administrator: Based out of North Carolina, Elizabeth has spent the last 30 years in sales, development and marketing. Elizabeth started her career in the media industry working for Cox Enterprises for nearly 20 years. In addition to her media background, Elizabeth has experience in new business development, branding, digital marketing, agency work, education, construction and IT services. A native to Eastern North Carolina, Elizabeth has deep ties to the area and its agriculture and a keen interest in seeing Biomass Energy and local farmers succeed in sustainable projects like Farmville One.


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