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We are a Full Service SMS Firm that implements P2P Texting Campaigns at scale. We have run 12,000 P2P campaigns to date as well as have 500 trained professionals employed!

At Text Surge, we believe in walking the walk when it comes to our progressive values. We manage texting platforms, provide trained paid texters, write A/B-tested scripting, and offer high quality, targeted data–all at a deeply affordable rate for our clients.

Simultaneously, we believe that paying workers a fair wage is non-negotiable, which is why our texters all earn at least $15 per hour. Not only does this result in higher quality conversations, but it’s the right thing to do.

We are also the only bilingual texting firm of our kind, allowing us to help our clients have thoughtful conversations with their audiences in Spanish.

We believe that running a successful P2P campaign starts at the foundation. At Text Surge, we know that you have to put in the work before the first message is sent. That’s why we have personalized campaign planning programs and have developed our reporting and analytics processes to quantify the results of P2P.

Text Surge is focused on staying true to our values while ensuring that our clients have the guidance they need to be successful, and the results speak for themselves.

Founded in early 2020, we have served a broad range of client as well as sent over 210 million messages within our first year of business.

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Full Service Peer to Peer Texting

We are a combination of a SaaS and PaaS company that conducts both B2C and B2B business. Our 1st generation proprietary platform will allow our clients to have a turnkey experience in launching their own texting programs. However, what differentiates us from our competition is our ability to provide comprehensive wraparound services for our platform. This includes platform management, campaign consultation, and data services.


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Chief Executive Officer
Will Pierce

Will PierceWill is a political professional with over 15 years of experience in campaigning. Having worked for Hustle, the industry leader for P2P texting, during the 2018 Midterm Cycle, his extensive campaign background and technical product knowledge give him a unique expertise in P2P texting. Will is best known for the Draft Biden 2016 effort where he used technology and targeting to increase Biden’s polling by double digits. Will has been featured on CNN, MSNBC, BBC, and numerous publications. Notable clients include: President Joe Biden, Senator Bernie Sanders, Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley (MA), Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (RI), Governor J.B Pritzker (IL), and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot

Chief Executive Officer
Krishna Ghodiwala

Krishna GhodiwalaKrishna Ghodiwala is a political professional with over ten years of experience in managing outreach and communications programs across diverse communities. Through her career, she worked for President Obama’s reelection campaign in North Carolina, the 2013 Boston Mayoral race, and Mayor Muriel Bowser’s Administration in Washington, DC. In her role in Mayor Bowser’s administration, Krishna oversaw women’s outreach and advocacy in the District, launching a number of notable programs and expanding the administration’s partnership portfolio to include over 50 local and national organizations. Krishna worked at Hustle during the 2018 Midterm Cycle, where she guided 21 State Democratic Parties and hundreds of campaigns up and down the ballot to implement large scale distributed texting operations. Some of her notable clients included: Stacey Abrams for Governor (GA), Tim Kaine for Senate (VA), Gavin Newsom for Governor (CA), Jared Polis for Governor (CO).

Senior Advisor
Derek Eadon

Derek EadonIn 2007, as the presidential election cycle began, Eadon joined Barack Obama's campaign as the Iowa field organizer and regional field director. After Obama's victory in 2008, Eadon joined his inaugural committee as an event organizer.
He then joined Obama's re-election campaign in 2009, Organizing for America. Eadon rejoined the Iowa Democratic Party in 2010 as the coordinated campaign director.
During Obama's re-election in 2011, Eadon worked as the Iowa state director for the campaign. Prior to the election, Eadon took up the position of general election director for Obama's Organizing for America in Iowa. In 2013, Eadon was named one of the top 500 influencers by Campaigns and Elections magazine and was described as "President Obama's man in Iowa," highlighting his ties with his presidential campaigns in 2008 and 2012. He served as the Iowa State Democratic Chair from 2017-2018.

Consulting Sales
Jen Samples

Jen SamplesJen was Founder and Chairman of the Board of Zen1210, a female-owned software company. She was the Executive Sponsor of Zen1210’s relationship with IBM and the driving force behind Zen1210’s ISV partnership with IBM. Prior, she was President of LazBro, an award-winning Digital Marketing agency. Samples was SVP of Digital Marketing at TargetCast, as well as VP at infuz. Beginning her career at Nevins Marketing, she has also held positions at Cox Newspapers and Response Media. A digital leader, Samples developed the 4Es methodology for measuring effective MarTech campaigns. She is a former President of the Gateway Interactive Marketing Assoc. and has served on committees for the Assoc. for Downloadable Media, the AAAAs, and has been a contributor to BusinessWeek, iMediaConnection.com, and OnlyInfluencers.com. She is the author of “Get SaaS-Y” an inspirational guide for young professional women.



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Funding Commitments$62,000

Funding Remaining$938,000

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