Gaithersburg, MD 20878, US
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TGS develops, supports, and stewards technical infrastructure that maximizes creativity, innovation, and production through the development and support of real time development 3D engine.

TGS provides Disruptive and Pioneering Solutions for everyday processes. With over 20 years of individual experience, TGS Develops and maintains the HeroEngine and gamification development for a verity of applications from games to real time interactive architectural presentations using HeroEngine. We remove the need for nightly builds and exe/application builds saving companies time and money to get their application out to their clients in less time with less overhead.

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HeroEngine is not just an idea. Currently in R&D, we are focused on bringing our platform to the forefront, by upgrading the back-end and visual appeal. We include all the necessary functionality and tools a developer needs in a single application.

The Benefits of HeroEngine: HeroEngine offers multiple unique benefits, not available from our competitors.
The staging/set-up process is fast and efficient. The process takes less than 1 week and can be done with a single engineer.
The platform can be customized anytime. Make customization's during or after setup to fit any set-up the project requires.
Allows unlimited worlds. Create a separate environment for prototyping, training, etc. without added set-up in minutes.
Real-time collaboration for faster agile development. In-house or remote, teams work together in the same environment.
Includes a built-in player client. Updates automatically allowing clients/QA to view progress and make changes in real-time.


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Chief Executive Officer
Sarrene A Grant

Founder for Triad Game Studios and TGS Tech. Sarrene has 25 years in software and graphic development and 16 years business and management development.

Chief Technology Officer
Chritopher Larsen

Principal engineer and designer of HeroEngine. Co founder of TGS Tech. Lead engineer for HeroEngine. Over 15 years of experience from design to key development for HeroEngine. Christopher also has 8 years in team and product management.

Senior Vice President Information Technology
Ronald Farrell

Co-Founder for Triad Game Studios and TGS Tech. Ron has 30 years experience in software and application development. As a software engineer he has applied his skills to the development of top rate applications for Duke Energy to engine software. Ronald has 12 years experience in team and operational management.



Funding Goal$15,000,000

Funding Raised So Far$270,000

Funding Commitments$380,000

Funding Remaining$14,350,000

Funding TypeConvertible Debt

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