The Glimpse Group, Inc

New York, NY 10018, US
Packaged Software

The Glimpse Group is a Virtual & Augmented platform company, comprised of multiple VR/AR software and services startups.

Our model is unique and specifically designed to meet the challenges of an emerging industry, diversifying risk and fostering innovation, collaboration and the development of a robust VR/AR ecosystem.

We currently own & operate 10 VR/AR subsidiary companies, as we seek to become a premier VR/AR SW and Services company with a global footprint.

The Glimpse Group aims to become a premier VR/AR Software & Services company, with a global footprint.


Early stake in the emerging VR/AR space that has a significant growth potential across industries.

Diversified portfolio of VR/AR start-ups in various industry verticals, with multiple monetization opportunities, significant IP, and a structure that mitigates risks and is not dependent on a single company’s success.

Highly-experienced management team with VR/AR domain expertise, deep connections within the VR/AR industry, and extensive technological, operational and financial experience.

Business and operations model that simplifies the multiple challenges faced by entrepreneurs in an early-stage industry, materially increasing the time allocated to core R&D and business development activities, while significantly cutting costs through shared infrastructure and synergies.

Potential for substantial and consistent cash returns to shareholders as companies are divested over time as they mature (in addition to a potential liquidity event of the Glimpse parent in the future).

8 of our 10 companies are already generating revenues; filed initial patents; 35 people

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Virtual and Augmented Reality Software and Services

The Glimpse Group is a company designed with the specific purpose of cultivating entrepreneurs in the Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) industry. Our unique business model simplifies the many challenges faced by entrepreneurs while simultaneously providing investors with an opportunity to invest directly into the emerging VR/AR space. The Glimpse Group funds, cultivates, and manages business operations while providing a strong network of professional relationships and allowing entrepreneurs to maximize their time and resources in pursuit of their mission critical endeavors.


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Chief Executive Officer
Lyron Bentovim

Mr. Bentovim has over 20 years of executive management experience. Prior to founding Glimpse, he served as COO and CFO of Top Image Systems (TISA), a SAAS software company. Prior to this position, he served as COO and CFO of NIT Health. From August 2009 until July 2012, Mr. Bentovim served as the COO and the CFO of Sunrise Telecom, Inc (SRTI) , a leader in test and measurement solutions for telecom, wireless and cable networks. Prior to joining Sunrise Telecom Inc, between 2002 and 2008, Mr. Bentovim was a co-founder and Managing Director of Skiritai Capital LLC, an investment advisor based in San Francisco. Prior to his position at Skiritai Capital LLC, Mr. Bentovim served as the President, COO, and co-founder of WebBrix, Inc. Additionally,he held positions as a Senior Engagement Manager with strategy consultancies: USWeb/CKS, the Mitchell Madison Group LLC and McKinsey & Company Inc. He holds an MBA from Yale School of Management and a Law degree from the Hebrew University, Israel.

Chief Design
DJ Smith

Mr. Smith is the Organizer of the 2nd Largest Virtual Reality Meetup in the world called NYVR, founded in 2013. Mr. Smith has extensive domain expertise and knowledge of virtual and augmented reality hardware, software and content creation. In addition, his role as NYVR Organizer provides a deep understanding of the virtual reality industry, a real-time access to current industry developments, as well as a direct connection to virtual reality entrepreneurs and startups. In parallel with NYVR, Mr. Smith founded VRTech Consulting, Inc. whose purpose was to educate businesses in the field of virtual reality and assist in procuring virtual reality services. Mr. Smith holds a BS in Civil Engineering from Pennsylvania State University and brings 18 years of project management in construction and real estate development.

Chief Financial Officer
Maydan Rothblum

Mr. Rothblum has 20 years of experience in finance, operations, business development and mergers and acquisitions. From 2004- 2016, he was co-founder, Managing Director and COO of Sigma Capital Partners LLC, a middle-market private investment firm, where he sourced, structured and led negotiated investments into publicly traded and private companies, primarily in the technology and business services sectors. Additionally, he oversaw the Fund’s portfolio, held board positions and managed the fund’s day-to-day operations, including financial statement preparation, cash flow management, audit, portfolio valuation and financial reporting. Prior to Sigma, Mr. Rothblum held positions at Apax Partners, a global private equity fund and Booz, Allen & Hamilton, a global strategic consultancy. He served as an engineer in the Israeli Defense Forces. He holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and a BS in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.

Chief Technology Officer
Rod Recker

r. Recker has over 25 years of experience in software development and executive management. From 1998-2016 he worked at Autodesk, Inc. (ADSK) a software maker of advanced tools for computer-aided design, movie special effects, and game development. He held a variety of positions at Autodesk, leading teams delivering innovative computer graphics technology across the company’s product line. Additionally, Mr. Recker led global teams working in the areas of user interface design, quality control, and SAAS software development. Prior to Autodesk, Mr. Recker co-founded Lightscape Technologies in 1991, a maker of specialized 3D visualization software for the architectural design and visual effects markets. This company was acquired by Autodesk in 1998. Mr. Recker holds BS and MS degrees in Computer Science from Cornell University where he conducted research in the Program of Computer Graphics with Professor Donald Greenberg, a pioneer in the field.



Funding Goal$2,500,000

Funding Raised So Far$0

Funding Commitments$0

Funding Remaining$2,500,000

Funding TypeEquity

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