Ti-Bi Technology

Vauxhall, NJ 07088, US
Electronics & Instrumentation

Ti-Bi Technology is a name brand electronic manufacturing company, we produce products such as: Computers, lap tops, cameras, mp7 players, cell phones and game systems. We are at the beginning stages of becoming the forefront of new technology, this allows us the opportunty to create, design, develop, produce and manufacture products that will enhance people's lives.

Ti-Bi Technology believes in producing attractive products for customer value. our mission is to target on electronic products that has not been created or the one's that lack the preperation of what should have been created, for future improvement.

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The Clip-On Mouse Ring

The Clip-on Mouse Ring is a palm free/ desk free no surface needed computer mouse, it clamps around the user's index finger like a ring, and allow the user to multi-task while doing keyboard and mouse work. The adjustable pad equipped with the right and left click button, a flat push button toggle joystick.

The Clip-on Mouse Ring is excellent for: desktop, laptop, and computer pads. It provides quicker performance, less motion, wireless connectivity, Good for travelling, work while laying down, sitting down or standing up. the Clip-on Mouse Ring is a product that is Fun and easy to use.


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President Technology/Technologist
Arthur L. Rice

Arthur L. Rice CEO and founder of Ti-Bi Technology, having achieved my goal as becoming a fashion designer, I began seeking new challenges. Finding my niche in creating and designing electronic products has become my passion as well. In 2007 I attended Katharine Gibbs College to pursue my dream as an Industrial Designer 6 months within the course the school closed because of financial situations. Still pursuing my passion I became an independent inventor.


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