Tokenguardian Inc.

Tempe, AZ AZ 85226, US
Financial Services

Tokenguardian helps assets classes like real estate funds to raise capital, issue tokens, initiates KYC and AML processes,helps with custodian processes around token offerings,creates and mints tokens,launches STO’s, and offers fractional ownerships.

Tokenguardian is a company in the global asset-backed tokenization blockchain marketplace, we help real estate and other asset classes to issue their security tokens, with the help of smart contracts.
We work with Security or asset tokens which represent ownership in underlying assets. They can represent an ownership interest in an investment vehicle, for example, a share in a single-asset special purpose vehicle (SPV) or a unit in a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), where token holders expect to receive an economic return in the form of appreciated value and/ or distributions. This is private securities investment in the traditional sense, enhanced with a digital wrapper that allows investors to trade their tokens on a peer-to-peer platform without the involvement of a third party.
Tokenguardian is a marketplace where asset class clients can raise capital via a token sale, where issuer (real estate fund) sells their tokens to small accredited and non-accredited investors to receive fractional shares.
The tokenization of assets refers to the process of issuing a blockchain token (specifically, a security token) that digitally represents a real tradable asset—in many ways similar to the traditional process of securitization.
Objectives of Tokenguardian Tokenization platform:
Tokenguardian helps assets classes like real estate funds to raise capital, issue tokens, , initiates KYC and AML processes, helps with custodian processes around token offerings, creates and mints tokens, launches Security Token offerings or STO’s for clients, secure and collateralize tokens and fractional ownerships like tokens and shares and finally convert tokens. We follow all compliance issues in accordance with SEC law and Reg A+ offerings and manage all filings, disclosure requirements, offering terms, and custodian procedures in order to safeguard the client’s assets.
We have a global partner network, traction, blockchain tech in place, and an asset management team, blockchain

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Tokenguardian Tokenization Issuance STO platform

Tokenguardian Process tool

Our main goal is to make a total process-oriented tokenization process globally cost-efficient, time reducing, and transparent on an application scale.

Our process includes many time-consuming and application intensive tasks, which include:
• Asset class details (real estate, loan, debt, commodities)
• Legal filing to SEC
• KYC, AML and Payment processes
• Creating and Minting of tokens
• STO Launch
• Onboarding of small investors
• Post issuance (dividends, coupons) and trading
•. Secondary Market trading
Tokenguardian will offer supporting technology solutions required to meet compliance and regulatory requirements for FIs. All our processes are intended to meet the client’s fast approach to tokenizing their assets in the most convenient manner.
We will enable smart contracts to easily integrate regulatory compliance, KYC, AML and Custody processes to be eligible to run and manage the STO Launch and start to use cryptocurrency for raising capital

Tokenguardian Asset Management Protocol

Secondary Market Exchange for trading. After clients run their issuing of tokens, successful STO, we help in all post-issuance topics like dividends and coupons payment, We transfer the tokens to well known secondary markets exchanges or trade them on our own secondary market platform. Once your STO was launched and funds were secured we help our clients in post-issuance topics like:

• Dividends, Coupons and transfers and Collateral Management
• Trading on Exchanges
• Marketing of their Tokens
• Roadshows for their Tokens
• Trading on our Exchange
• Introduction to other Exchanges and Transfers (fee applies)

Ethereum virtual machine and interoperability
We set a standard of tokenization interoperability of public and private blockchains.

Ethereum virtual machine or Blocknet will help us in transferring tokens to different business services, asset management cases, and architectures.


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Senior Vice President Operations
Lori Souza

Lori SouzaLori is the Owner of a real estate brokerage in Arizona, but she is as well Chief operating officer at Tokenguardian. She has extensive knowledge of the Token and Real estate Business. She takes care of US Tokenguardian Operations, Sales, and Client Customer Care.

Executive Vice President Business Development
Gerhard Drobits

Gerhard DrobitsGerhard is the Founder of Tokenguardian, is an expert in Tokenomics, Sales and Tech Architecture Development. He was UK/EU Country Manager for a Singapore based Cryptocurrency and knows the crypto world globally. He started a Stablecoin project and is a serial entrepreneur.

Director Financial Officer
Vijay Mistry

Vijay MistryVijay is an expert in Alternative Investment, he worked with HSBC for 20 years and knows asset management, he is familiar with the transfer agent, broker-dealer, and custodian business world. He is working as UK Asset management Manager for Escrow and Custodian Management.

Executive Vice President Advisor
Stephen de Meulenaere

Stephen de MeulenaereStephen is a Blockchain Expert, worked for a Singapore based Cryptocurrency company as Global Business Developer, has contacts to all major crypto exchanges, crypto tech companies and is globally connected to the Blockchain sustainable development board at the United Nations Blockchain department.



Funding Goal$5,000,000

Funding Raised So Far$100,000

Funding Commitments$0

Funding Remaining$4,900,000

Funding TypeEquity

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