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UBIQWIFI is a technology company developing a shared-economy ecosystem for the Cannabis industry. UBIQWIFI's platform leverages Blockchain to empower the producers & retailers to interact with their customers via a frictionless shopping experience.

UBIQWIFI is seeking $1 M for a 20% equity interest. Share price 25 cents
Min Investment $1,000 Bonus UBIQ Tokens of 4,000 UBIQs per $1,000 of investment.during Private Sale


1. Sign Term Sheet
2. Make payment
3. Go through KYC/AML verification
4. Sign Subscription Agreement
5. Shares allocated through Carta
6. Tokens distributed by Ubiqwifi, Corp.


• The Cannabis industry is estimated to be worth $146.4 billion dollars by 2025,

• UBIQWIFI aims to address the challenges faced by the participants of the Cannabis Industry by creating a 360-degree technological ecosystem powered by disruptive technologies like Blockchain, Geo-Location, and Artificial Intelligence.

• A Mobile-App Enabled Platform that connects consumers to products using Proprietary Geo-Intelligence Software allowing merchants to target consumers with promotions/events within a 30-mile radius.

• A Closed-Loop (Member to Member) Financial Transaction that facilitates commerce with a text message confirmation.

• Loyalty Rewards Program for Consumers with each Merchant having their own “Privately Branded App” and their own unique UBIQ colored token that operates like "points" within the UBIQWIFI ecosphere.

• Live-Video Streaming Social Media Network with Cryptocurrency Rewards where consumers create user generated content about their shopping experience merchant and product preferences.

• Mobile App customers can shop entire inventory of merchant through an Agnostic Inventory Control CRM System.

• Mobile App Customers can opt to “Hold for Pick-Up” or “Delivery”

• UBIQWIFI will operate under a "Shared Economy Model" where the company doesn't own growing facilities, or dispensaries. The system functions by utilizing "Smart Contracts".

• UBIQWIFI will develop in the following verticals to further empower its shared-economy marketplace:

1. Virtual Shopping Experience (VSE) using Augmented Reality (AR)

2. Debit Card with 6 Forex and 3 Cryptocurrencies ( BTC, ETH, UBIQ)

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Decentralized Shared-Economy Marketplace

UBIQWIFI is building a shared-economy marketplace for the legal Cannabis Industry, where consumers can browse through the offerings of nearby merchants, including CBD products, and shop through an intuitive mobile application for both Android and iOS platforms. The marketplace will connect consumers to merchants and delivery partners using 3 different applications.

- A "Consumer App" will provide a user-friendly online ordering experience for patients and customers alike.

- A "Merchant App" will allow legal Cannabis businesses to register themselves on the platform and manage their inventory after instant verification.

- A "Delivery Partner App" will allow anyone with a valid driving license and vehicle to sign up as a delivery partner and earn as they deliver products from merchants to consumers.

Merchant Processing

Check22 Payment Processing for Cannabis/CBD Merchants

UBIQWIFI offers the fastest, most comprehensive solution in the industry. Cannabis/ CBD merchants are legitimate businesses that generate a very large percentage of online transactions and they deserve a safe, long term solution. Check 22, with very limited (45 days Vs 180 days for CC) chargeback potential, allows merchants to collect payments 24/7/365 for sales to any customer with a domestic checking account.

This format is called a "substitute check". Check 22 is the next, vastly improved generation of products. We changed the process from a debit (grab) transaction to a "Push" transaction where the buyer always decides and approves to whom and how much to pay.

Once the Check 22 is authorized by the buyer, the merchant receives its payment by Email within 3 minutes to print and immediately deposit by phone, ATM or in branch. NO OTHER METHOD OF MO/TO OR E-COMMERCE PAYMENT GIVES YOU SAME DAY FUNDING!

Proximity Marketing using Proprietary Geo-Intelligence Software

UBIQWIFI is developing proprietary Geo-Intelligence software using iBeacon Technology, allowing Cannabis or CBD customers to keep in touch with brands wherever they are. Every Cannabis or CBD deal within the users' preferred radius will always be a tap away, anytime, anywhere. Merchants will be able to run their promotional campaigns and expand the walls of their brick-and-mortar stores to a 30-mile radius, in an effort to level the playing field with internet-based e-commerce giants. Campaign-level statistics and analytics will allow merchants and businesses to fine-tune their sales-strategy and in turn, increase their revenues.

ULTRA - UBIQWIFI Loyal Traffic Rewards App

Research shows that 71% of consumers belong to at least one loyalty program, 81% of members redeem rewards every few months. UBIQWIFI's ULTRA, a sophisticated Loyalty Rewards Program that rewards consumers with UBIQ tokens on every purchase at partner merchants.

California State Law requires consumers must be part of a loyalty program to receive free samples of a product. The objective of all marketers of consumer products is to initiate a trial. UBIQWIFI solves this industry problem by deploying ULTRA.

The ULTRA application also functions as a multi-feature crypto wallet and incentivizes the initial accumulation of by rewarding UBIQ tokens as loyalty points for every partner purchase to introduce newcomers to the system. ULTRA gives people abundant options to accrue and spend UBIQ tokens.

Live-Video Streaming Social Media with UBIQ Token Rewards

UBIQWIFI is building a Live Video Streaming Social Media Network with the mission to create a value sharing live streaming platform for the Cannabis Industry, that empowers creators and viewers through a revolutionary rewards system.

This social media network changes the whole game by putting platform ownership in the hands of the users through Blockchain technology. The users of the network are the ones that are rewarded for their contributions as the platform grows. The economic system has been designed to revolutionize revenue distribution by rewarding the community for their contributions using Smart Media Tokens (SMT).

Virtual Shopping Experience (VSE)

UBIQWIFI is leveraging the power of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to bring an unparalleled magical experience to consumers who will be able to step right into the stores & dispensaries within a 30-mile radius, using nothing but their smartphones, from the comfort of their homes. Once a partner merchant subscribes to our VSE plan, UBIQWIFI will deploy 360-degree cameras and sensors at their location, allowing them the opportunity to take their online-shopping experience a step further.

UBIQWIFI's VSE will have a variety of products available for sale and the display of those products will be in such a way that it stimulates interest and entices customers to make purchases by "gamifying" the whole shopping experience, such as unlocking rewards, finding hidden products, etc.


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Acting/Interim Executive Officer
Jeff Cooke

Jeff CookeAs a senior technology and business leader, Jeff brings a record of success at leading change for companies of significance such as Hewlett Packard, NEC, Apple and multiple early stage & start-up organizations.
He brings a dynamic background, with extensive experience in multiple operational and C-level roles and excels at executing large-scale initiatives to deliver world-class capabilities, building trusted relationships with clients and stakeholders, and helping C-level executives and founders create the focused vision to reach their objectives.

President Strategic Planning
Anthony Sousa

Anthony SousaAn industry leader in the advancement of Blockchain Technology. Anthony’s has a demonstrated ability to traverse the challenges faced by Early Stage Companies, Build Management Teams, Develop Products, Execute Go-to-Market Strategies, Increase Market Penetration, Build and Maintain Solid Strategic Relationships & Alliances. He has a record of success that has proven to be transferable to a broad spectrum of industries.
Inside him burns deep sense of purpose to advocate for environmental sustainability and foster greater opportunities for those that have been displaced or deprived of participating with the economic tools most take for granted.

Chief Technology Officer
Mayank Chhabra

Mayank Chhabra Passionate about software development, human-centric design, cryptocurrencies, and all things Blockchain. I believe that Blockchain will gradually change the face of how economies function and bring down socio-economic barriers which plague the world today. With this vision, I’m currently working on UBIQWIFI, an inclusive, decentralized platform for multi-sided sharing economy marketplaces with no intermediaries between service seekers and service providers.

Chief Operating Officer
Kerri VanMeveren

Kerri VanMeverenKerri communicates UBIQWIFI's vision, implements strategy, removes process inefficiencies, to improve profitability, increase cash flow and enhance return on investment.
Kerri leverages her vast experience and education to simplify the complexities that paralyze organizations. With an emphasis in driving continuous learning/innovation and strategic focus, building collaborative and empowered high trust teams and cultivating relationships that promote collaboration for high impact results.

Chief Information Officer
Rick Shaddock

Rick ShaddockPresident of the Washington DC based, Digital Currency Association that lobbies for the advancement of causes that are of concern to Cryptocurrency Industry and the promotion of keeping jobs in the United States.
Rick has supported IT operations at the highest security levels in the government as well for thousands of Certified Financial Planners.

General Counsel/Legal Officer
PB Stanton

PB StantonBeginning his legal career in the United States Marine Corps, serving as a JAG officer, P.B. Stanton, Esq. was the commanding officer of the Camp Pendleton Legal Assistance Office, managing base-related tax issues, asset protection, and estate planning for deploying troops. Now, with over twenty-five years in civilian law, Mr. Stanton specializes in the complex legal issues of valuation, risk management protocols, and regulatory compliance of ICO and cryptocurrency law. Mr. Stanton has dedicated the past five years of his extensive legal career to blockchain, securities, and ensuring banking law compliance with the rapidly-changing regulations of cryptocurrency technology, providing legal guidance from ideation to tokenomics.



Funding Goal$1,000,000

Funding Raised So Far$111,000

Funding Commitments$0

Funding Remaining$889,000

Funding TypeEquity

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