Vantus Medical Systems, Inc.

Waukesha, WI 53189, US
Medical Devices & Equipment

At Vantus, a Smart Design Platform™ business, we aim to meet the unmet needs of orthopaedic patients and OR surgeons by creating personalized medical devices. Since 2003, clinical SMEs have helped to formulate Personalized Orthopaedic Solutions™.

We are Vantus Medical Systems, Inc. (VMS), a new benefit corporation, in business to lead the personalization of medical devices. VMS takes personalized medicine to a new level by focusing on the unmet restorative health needs of target orthopedic patients. VMS will design personalized orthopedic devices for 3D printing using FDA-approved materials, validating our designs with 3D modeling and full-body motion simulation. Our focus is creating Class III implants for articulating joint reconstruction/replacement and fracture repair devices. With our Vantus Digital Manufacturing System (VDMS), we can imagine, produce, and ensure the shipping of sterile devices ready for a patient’s specific body and lifestyle in 48 hours. The VDMS is a patented, disruptive technology platform that will allow Vantus to satisfy the emerging consumer market: 'personalized medicine'. Our second product family is Personalized Surgical Solutions. Today, surgeons use standardized, mass-produced instruments to perform surgeries. Just as no two patients are alike, the hands and fingers, range-of-motion, and strength of a surgeon vary one to the next. To address individual surgeons’ unmet needs, our product family will enable us to personalize instruments for each target surgeon using 3D imaging, modeling and printing. Results of initial research demonstrate surgeons’ acceptability of Personalized Surgical Solutions. Along with plans for the advanced manufacture of patient-user and surgeon-user devices, Vantus is exploring the needs of the high-value animal market in the US and abroad. Vantus presents an excellent opportunity for the right investor. We are pre-revenue and ready to commercialize our VDMS technology platform. The State of WI and US Congress have funded Vantus. Please request the attached documents for more information about our strategy, company, investment opportunity and view our 2017 Top 50 Innovators Award video by Dr. Tammy Martin. We look forward to partnering with you.

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Reconstruction Devices

Reconstruction Devices: Personalized Orthopaedic Solutions™ include total articulating joint replacement and articulating joint resurfacing solutions. Reconstruction devices are used to replace or resurface biological articulating joints worn or damaged due to a disease such as osteoarthritis or trauma such as vehicle accidents or war combat injuries. Other bone-related diseases such as osteosarcomas and osteoporosis can create a need for orthopedic interventions requiring a Personalized Orthopaedic Solutions™.

Fracture Repair Devices

Fracture Repair Devices: Personalized Orthopaedic Solutions™ include fracture repair devices both (a) the primary device, and (b) secondary devices such as screws, nails, and pins. These primary and secondary devices are necessary to position, align, and support a fractured bone so that a patient can begin to heal and quickly regain functioning. Fracture repair devices are used in cases of trauma such as falls (Think, Aaron Rogers, QB of the Green Bay Packers, and the elderly who trip on throw rugs and break wrists, hips and long bones) or vehicle accidents. Personalized Orthopaedic Solutions™ fracture repair devices are also used to counteract porous bone density (bone weakening) caused by osteoporosis or the natural aging process.

Surgical Instrumentation

VMS plans to create parametric designs for the validation and advanced manufacture of hand-held surgical instrumentation as part of its Personalized Surgical Solutions product portfolio. By employing the VDMS approach to enable the anatomic and kinematics modeling of a target surgeon, these instruments will be designed to perfectly match the doctor’s anatomic characteristics, dexterity and technique.


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Chief Executive Officer
James Richard Schroeder

James Richard SchroederFounder, President, Treasurer, Secretary, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of the Board. James (Jim) Schroeder has thirty plus years of experience in digital product development, professional management, advanced manufacturing systems, computer-aided technologies (CAD/CAM/CAE), production technologies (ERP/PDM/MES), production tooling, and alpha and beta prototyping. Prior to founding VMS, Mr. Schroeder worked in systems and product development at Mercury Marine, Harley-Davidson and then serviced Fortune 500 clients in the Midwest through his professional consulting firm.

Mr. Schroeder earned a traditional MBA (comprehensive program) in 2004 from Marquette University. He studied mechanical engineering, organizational behavior and organizational development and holds a BS in Leadership and Organization from Marquette University. Mr. Schroeder completed the Executive Program for Master of Product Design and Development at Northwestern University in 2009.

Chief Physician/Medical Officer
Tamara Lynn Martin, M.D.

Tamara Lynn Martin, M.D.Tamara (Tammy) Lynn Martin, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, is the former Chief of Orthopaedic Surgery for the VA Boston Healthcare System in Boston, Massachusetts and is an Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Martin is an active staff surgeon at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Faulkner Hospital. She has been published extensively, widely interviewed about medicine by major media outlets, and has a healthy list of accolades to her credit.

Dr. Martin holds a B.S. in Chemistry from Stanford University and an M.D. from Jefferson Medical College. She completed her surgical internship at Cornell Medical Center-New York Hospital, and her Orthopaedic Surgery residency at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City.

Senior Vice President Business Development
Jeffery Baker

Jeffery BakerJeff is the corporate president of Vantus Consulting. His role is critical for the success of Vantus Medical Systems, Inc. through fostering the Smart Design & Solution Integration™ (SDSI) method internally and for outside clients. Programs under the SDSI umbrella are Attaining Organizational Excellence™ and Attaining Workgroup Excellence™ (both virtual and classic teaming). The SDSI method is a multi-faceted and multi-disciplined approach for identifying, valuing, communicating, designing solutions and exploiting undiscovered opportunities within a given organization to increase the utility of systems, products and services it offers. Jeff has had over 100 comprehensive consulting assignments over the last 20 years. He is a corporate leader, well experienced at working with C-suite functional teams. Jeff has held leadership roles in market research at NetJets and Microsoft Corporation. He has a BS in Molecular Biology and an MBA with a marketing emphasis from the University of Oregon.



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