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Voice Life Incorporated


Funding Goal $3,300,000
Funding Raised So Far $12,200,000
Funding Commitments $0
Funding Remaining $0
Funding Type Revenue Sharing
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Company Overview

Welcome to Voice Life:

Envision a world where the smart cities and smart homes of tomorrow are more than just intelligent—they are intuitively designed and wirelessly powered, tailored to enhance the quality of life for everyone

Powering the Future, Wirelessly!

Why Voice Life?

Since our inception in 2015, we've transitioned from a nimble startup to a burgeoning enterprise without losing our innovative heartbeat. We're committed to liberating the world from cords and batteries, and our mission is far more profound than just technological advancement. Voice Life's innovations prioritize universal access to energy and resources, ensuring that our advancements are not just for the privileged but for all

Reasons for Investors to Be Excited:

(1) Stellar Fundamentals: Our financial track record speaks volumes of our growth and stability.
(2) Broad Horizons: Our eyes are set on global expansion, tapping into vibrant emerging markets.
(3) Ahead of the Curve: We're not just following trends; we're setting them, especially in the realm of smart cities and smart homes.
(4) Transparent Vision: Our business blueprint is crystal clear, backed by tangible milestones.
(5) Distinguished Market Position: Our unique offerings and approach position us distinctively in a competitive market.
(6) Operational Excellence: We incorporate AI on all operations. We're efficient, agile, and always optimizing for better results.
(7) Commitment Beyond Business: Our endeavors resonate with deeper societal and community values.
(8) Prepared for the Future: We're strategically poised to navigate future economic tides and turns and we are laying the foundation for a IPO.

To all visionary investors: This is your invitation to be a part of a transformative journey. Let's redefine the future of urban living together, making it smarter, more sustainable, and profoundly human-centric.

Join us in powering the future. Invest in Voice Life

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Business Summary

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Wireless Powered Micro-Battery Sensor and PowerCoin

Voice Life has created a special coin and a tiny battery that can change the way we charge our devices. Let me break it down:

Wireless Charging Power Coin: A new sustainable energy solution that is capable to self-generate energy to power a variety of larger electronic devices.

The Features:
Self-generating terahertz waves which then are converted into usable energy
Ability to charge the existing batteries or completely replace them
Adoptable technology design to fit a variety of products

Tiny Battery: This is like a mini battery that works with the magic coin. It uses special energy from the waves the coin sends out. This combination means we could have devices and sensors that never run out of power.


President Technology/Technologist
Robert S......

Robert has more than 35 years' experience, advanced knowledge and skills necessary for conceptualizing, designing, implementing, and managing complex systems and networks. The combination of his graduate professional coursework and real world work experience has provided him with the foundation and expertise to understand the processes by which networks and systems are conceived, planned, designed, built, tested and certified. Robert received his Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Pre-Law in 1979 at Eastern Michigan University (EMU) and went onto study at the University of Southern California (USC) where he undertook graduate and professional coursework at the Viterbi School of Engineering with a focus on Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering. Robert's post graduate studies also include USC Marshall School of Business and a Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He also engaged in research at the UCLA California NanoScience Institute (CNSI) beyond CMOS, developing new graphene

Executive Vice President Strategic Planning
David L......

David is an entrepreneur, researcher and a physician based in California, USA. He has been working alongside Robert on technology development and innovation for the past 16 years. His international professional career spans more than four decades and includes international business creation and development, many diverse scientific endeavors resulting in a variety of patents, numerous scientific peer review and consultant roles, multiple medical administrative responsibilities, and a multi-year focus on the creation and development of the Far Field Wireless Charging System. These experiences were based upon a science and math education, a Northwestern University Medical Degree, a Stanford University Ph.D, various fellowships and an international business degree. As a Co-Founder, David has been involved in all aspects of Voice Life, including but not limited to, technology creation and short/long term strategies.

Chief Operating Officer
Mihael R......

Mihael was born in Rijeka, Croatia, and is a trained mechanical engineer that has worked offshore for 15 years, where he was responsible for a team of engineers. However, he recently decided to focus on what he is most passionate about - changing the world for the better with new and advanced technologies. Mihael is a member of both the Verge and Voice Life teams. As a true believer in decentralized & open-source projects, Mihael joined the Verge community in early 2017. He quickly realized he could support the project from within the team by managing the internal team activities and communications. His roles in the Verge Currency core team have changed multiple times over the years, and for the past two years, he has volunteered as their Project Manager. In September 2021, Mihael joined Voice Life as Director of Operations where he oversees all aspects of the project and coordinates various departments to ensure everything is delivered on time. He enjoys working with other individua

Senior Business Development
Logan J......

Graphene Expert
Based in Wyoming, USA, Logan J...... work in energy began in 2015 with the American Energy Society in Palo Alto, CA. His primary work was researching and validating new clean technologies in the energy sector. In 2017, he started Pheneovate, an advanced materials company specializing in graphene, a carbon material derived from graphite with thousands of potential applications in emerging technologies. By 2018, products tested and validated by his team could be purchased by researchers, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals worldwide,

In 2022, Pheneovate was acquired by Voice Life and he joined the team full-time. His work in graphene materials and the global energy sector, coupled with over three years working with the Voice Life team, provides the company with a knowledgeable leader to further develop the wireless charging system and components.


Funding Goal $3,300,000
Funding Raised So Far $12,200,000
Funding Commitments $0
Funding Remaining $0
Funding Type Revenue Sharing
Pre-Money Valuation
Investor Ownership
Interest / Dividend
Previous Funding



Voice Life Incorporated

Las Vegas, NV 89102, US

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