Wild Hare Hard Cider LLC

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Wild Hare Hard Cider is a growing beverage brand in the Northern Virginia area. We manufacture hard cider products and sell in our retail location and via local distributors. Our ciders have won multiple local and international awards..

Founded in 2014, substantial growth each year. Favorite local ciders in Northern Virginia. We sell our products at our log cabin retail outlet in Leesburg and via local Virginia distributors. We have reached our production capacity and our growth plans call for rapid growth which requires capital equipment and a new retail location build out.

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Bottled / canned / draft hard cider beverages

Our product is Wild Hare Hard Cider. Hard apple cider made from Shenandoah valley apples. A high quality carbonated cider ranging from 6.9-8.5% ABV.

We make 4-6 products all year through and another 3-4 products as seasons change.

We sell our products in multiple formats (draft, bottles, cans) through multiple channels (retail / wholesale) in the Northern Virginia region.


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General Operating Officer
Jim Madaj

Jim MadajJim is a 25 year entrepreneur who purchased Wild Hare in early 2018, after successful ventures in eCommerce and order fulfillment operations.



Funding Goal$500,000

Funding Raised So Far$0

Funding Commitments$200,000

Funding Remaining$300,000

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