World Tree

El Segundo, CA 90245, US

World Tree is disrupting the forestry industry with our impact-focused programs for investors and farmers. $7.3M of previous funding.

World Tree, built around a dynamic team of thought leaders and accomplished professionals, is actively engaged in the global regenerative movement. Its restorative agroforestry projects are designed to make significant economic impacts.

World Tree’s programs are based on one of the fastest-growing trees in the world: The Empress Splendor. When you invest in the Empress, you are investing in eco-timber farms across North and Latin America, you are supporting farmers and protecting forests, and get to share in any profits from the sale of the lumber.

Climate change, soil degradation, and deforestation are issues that will affect us all. World Tree investors are putting their money into action to create impactful nature-based climate change solutions.

The United Nations predicts that demand for timber will double by 2050, creating opportunity to providers of faster growing trees. Most trees take 20 to 50 years to reach maturity. Empress trees reach maturity in approximately 10 years and regenerate a new tree after the harvest.

- Largest grower of Empress trees in North & Latin America
- 5,000 acres planted with 220 farmers in 5 countries
- Fast-growing trees produce hardwood in 8-12 years
- Profit-sharing programs with farmers & investors
- Exclusive Empress genotypes selected for lumber quality
- Team of foresters & scientists with 50+ years' Empress experience
- Impacting 7 of the Sustainable Development Goals

$1.70 per unit thru 8/31/2021
$17k min investment
# Units = 15.6M



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Lumber from Empress Tree (Paulownia Genus)

About Empress Splendor tree

ES trees are a member of genus Paulownia, which has 9-23 species. The company grows fortunei and elongate species, which are non-invasive. One particular species, tomentosa, is an invasive variety, but this is not grown by the company. The ES tree is the fastest-growing hardwood tree in the world. It can grow 10-20 feet in its first year and reaches maturity within 10 years and is ready for harvest within 8-12 years.


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Chief Executive Officer
Doug Willmore

Doug Willmore- CEO at World Tree,
- City Manager of the City of Rancho Palos Verdes, CA: He recently completed five very successful years as manager of a $35M budget,
- City Manager of Bell, CA: Led the turnaround after the disastrous City Council and administrative scandal that left the City on the verge of bankruptcy. City went from a $200K general fund balance to a $22.5M fund balance with city debt being cut in half,
- Chief Administrative Officer of Salt Lake County, UT: He managed 4K+ employees and an annual budget of $800+M. He presented more than $585M in bond offers to Wall Street rating agencies. During the 2008 financial downturn, he reduced the annual budget by more than $75M while also increasing service levels,
- CEO of Reference Pathology Services - He led the growth and turnaround of a research pathology laboratory from 21 employees and $1.2M in revenue to 120 employees and $22.2M in revenue upon the company’s sale in December of 2002 to Ameripath, Inc. for $33.5M.

President Financial Officer
Dr. Catherine Key

Dr. Catherine Key- Chief Operations Officer and President at World Tree,
- Experienced COO, specialized in creating radically new business models for social and environmental improvement. she is especially interested in making connections related to impact investing, the regenerative economy, forestry and carbon farming.

What's important to Cathy is that we protect our beautiful planet and restore its natural ecology. She works with farmers, impact investors, tree huggers, foresters and business people who share this goal.

She has a PhD in Anthropology - her PhD was on the Economics of Cooperation - and a 16 year track record in growing and developing businesses.

Chief Financial Officer
Deborah Cullen

Deborah Cullen- CFO at World Tree,
- Finance Director at City of Rancho Palos Verdes: Completely rebuilt the finance team; restructured the entire accounting and budgeting processes; and oversaw the migration from an old outdated financial accounting system to a new cloud-based system,
- Finance Director at City of El Segundo: Oversaw and managed a budget of more than $225M annually,
- Director of Finance and Business Strategies: Managed all financial operations for Expedited/Package Services (E/PS) Strategic Business Unit responsible for generating over $5 billion in revenue. Responsibilities included hiring and developing finance/administrative staff, development of E/PS business plan for Board approval, profit and loss statements and development of a 5-year strategic plan.

Chief Business Development
Mary Jo Willmore

Mary Jo Willmore- Chief Business Development Officer at World Tree,
- Managing Director at Sarus Capital Management,
- Partner at SCF Advisers, Inc.,
- Vice President at WWC Capital Group.

Mary Jo joined World Tree in February 2020 heading the company’s business development initiatives. Mary Jo is focused on building relationships, identifying opportunities and executing investment programs to elevate World Tree’s positive impact on the planet. Mary Jo has over 25 years of experience in the financial industry, which includes asset management, investment and commercial banking, in the United States and internationally.

Prior to World Tree, Mary Jo served as a Managing Director at Sarus Capital Management, an asset management firm focused on investing in the public and private markets of Indochina. At Sarus, Mary Jo led the fundraising initiatives and operations of the firm as a member of the executive team working with audit, accounting and legal compliance firms.

General Chairman
Wendy Burton

Wendy Burton- Founder of World Tree.
Wendy Burton has over 24 years of experience with the Emperor Splendor tree. Founded World Tree Technologies in 2002 and during first 5 years of operation, traveled in the US to expand knowledge on how to grow and manage the ES tree. Created World Tree as a "for profit for-good" company.

Angela Nauta

Angela Nauta- Director of Investor Relations

Angela is an Empress Tree Expert and has been with World Tree since its incorporation in 2002, and has been instrumental in creating the Eco-Tree Investment Program.

She can answer all your questions about the EcoTree Program from her extensive experience growing the Empress tree and working with World Tree investors and farmers.

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Colleen Dix, Senior Sustainability Manager / TELUS Communications Inc.

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Benjamin Bingham / Millennium Trust, Scarab Green Real Assets Fund

Private Investment Fund

Individual Investor
Jay Bhim, Tiger Media Inc.

Advertising Network

Individual Investor
Dan Brockway, Brockway Properties LLC

Real Estate Company



Funding Goal$25,000,000

Funding Raised So Far$2,331,500

Funding Commitments$100,000

Funding Remaining$22,568,500

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