Wytec International

San Antonio, TX 78258, US

Has patented technology for citywide 5G networks, deploys private LTE and in-building cellular solutions with an emphasis in school districts, and has relationships with Nokia, Ericcson, Samsung, and more, to provide first-class networks.

According to a 2019 report by Pew Research, about one-third of rural Americans do not have broadband internet at home; additionally, in 2020, USA Facts released that 3.7 million American households with children lack internet access. Wytec has developed a phased approach and multiple pathways to provide connectivity to the underserved, with an emphasis on school-aged children.
Phase one of providing connectivity to children is enhancing in-building cellular service within schools. In 2019 Wytec was awarded a contract with Laredo Independent School District (ISD), which is part of the Central Texas Purchasing Alliance (CTPA). Texas Government Code allows ISDs within the CTPA to accept awarded contracts without new RFPs, meaning CTPA member ISDs can use Wytec for in-building telecommunications services without a bid process. This opens Wytec up to a potential market of more than $200 Million in in-building service sales. Due to Wytec’s relationships with Nextivity, Nokia, and others, Wytec can provide best-in-class systems for schools.
Phase two of bridging the divide is providing the school district with a private LTE network to connect underserved students with broadband internet at home. Wytec has completed Phase One of a pilot project of a private LTE solution for an ISD in a Bexar County, Texas, ISD (CTPA member). We are reviewing data and ramping up for further phases and additional schools.
Phase three is developing a network to be owned collaboratively by the ISD/community/county and drive revenue for the area. Wytec has patented small cell technology that can be used in this capacity or can be an aggregator of the network in partnership with another small cell provider.

These initiatives, along with other in-building cellular enhancement solutions, including NASA – Johnson Space Center, the Fountain Place in Dallas, UMB Bank Technology Center, Whataburger, and others, have put Wytec on a firm path to predictable revenue.

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In-building cellular and private LTE services

Wytec has discovered a niche in providing in-building cellular and private LTE services to the educational industry. In September of 2019, Wytec won an RFP bid with the Laredo Independent School District (ISD) in Texas. The winning bid was included in a special procurement process allowing Wytec to be an approved vendor for more than 160 other Texas ISDs, providing a potential $200 Million in ISD in-building service business. Funds for these projects have been approved through CARES Act funds allowing Wytec to grow its revenues over a three-year period.


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Chief Executive Officer
William H. Gray

William H. GrayWilliam Gray serves as Wytec's CEO and CFO and has more than 30 years of experience in corporate and business development, investment management, acquisitions, and mergers. Mr. Gray was responsible for developing the first Internet network in the state of Wisconsin and expanding it to multiple counties, and he utilized both satellite and microwave technologies.

Prior to the development of Wisconsin's Internet network more than 20 years ago, Mr. Gray held employment with some of the most prestigious investment banking corporations in America where he held a Series 7 SEC license focused exclusively in fixed income securities and portfolio management assisting in the sale and purchase of more than $100 Million.

Mr. Gray currently develops, designs, and structures the company’s business case modeling for Wytec International’s future merger and acquisition opportunities. Mr. Gray founded Wytec with the acquisition of five world-class patents.

Director Operations
Erica Perez

Erica PerezErica came to Wytec in January of 2014 with more than 19 years of technical systems experience. She has played a crucial role in Wytec’s software integration, operations processes, and database management. Due to her vast knowledge in both Wytec’s systems and investor processes, Erica is an integral part of the Company’s total communications to its customers and investors. Her role in operations includes significant project management capacity, including onboarding wireless service networks for school districts in Texas. Her exceptional problem-solving skills and ability to wear many hats have made her an invaluable asset and leader in the company.

Managing/Manager Marketing
Brianna Lohse, MBA

Brianna Lohse, MBABrianna Lohse is the Marketing and PR Manager for Wytec International, Inc. She joined Wytec in November 2019, with more than a decade of marketing and communications experience. She has enjoyed marketing and communications roles within the telecommunications, electric utility, and oil and gas industries. Brianna and her team manage the website, graphic design, media relations, and Wytec advertising efforts, including extensive efforts on social media platforms.

Ms. Lohse attained a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from McMurry University and graduated from Grand Canyon University with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with an emphasis in Marketing. Her formal education, experience, and love of learning have prepared her for the ever-changing marketing atmosphere.



Funding Goal$15,000,000

Funding Raised So Far$1,000,000

Funding Commitments$10,000,000

Funding Remaining$4,000,000

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