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Business Benchmarking

EquityNet maintains one of the largest benchmarking databases for privately-held businesses in North America. Our patented Enterprise Analyzer™ technology compares and validates dozens of business plan projections and assumptions for entrepreneurs, investors, and business supporters based on a growing base of thousands of peer businesses.

EquityNet's subscribers use our business plan benchmarking to:

  • Entrepreneurs: Compare their business plan to peers in their industries to identify and refine abnormal projections.
  • Investors: Benchmark business plans generated by entrepreneurs.
  • Supporters: Benchmark and support client companies with analytical insight and guidance.

Benchmarking Alerts

Why EquityNet Software

Our Enterprise Analyzer technology compares dozens of business plan assumptions and projections to those of peer businesses and provides alerts of business parameters which could be considered statistically abnormal. Business plan parameters ranging from projected revenue growth rates to assumed liquidity events are compared to normal ranges of peer businesses to produce both high (red) alerts and moderate (yellow) alerts of potential abnormalities.

Peer Comparisons

Why EquityNet Software

Enterprise Analyzer compares and illustrates many essential peer parameters for business plans. Median values for the peer group such as investment return, risk, management experience, and degree of planning are illustrated for comparison with each business plan. Most importantly, all peer comparisons in EquityNet are calculated in real time and reflect the changing dynamic nature of each business sector in EquityNet.

Peer Database

Why EquityNet Software

With a growing population of thousands of peer businesses, EquityNet's benchmarking database is one of the largest in North America. Our peer database consists of hundreds of historical, projected, financial, and non-financial benchmarking parameters. And, as a plus, our database is constantly updated as new and existing businesses use EquityNet so we will continue to grow our ability to better benchmark business plans.

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