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Efficient Funding

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EquityNet is one of the only patented funding platforms specifically designed to make the funding process more efficient for entrepreneurs and the investment decision process easier for investors. Our unique platform combines novel business plan analytics, benchmarking, and standardization to achieve a superior experience for users.

EquityNet's subscribers use our funding platform to:

  • Entrepreneurs: Engage investors through a platform that maximizes their ability to raise capital.
  • Investors: Discover and benchmark business plans through one of the most advanced systems available.
  • Supporters: Provide client companies an efficient source of investment capital.

Investor Profiles

Why EquityNet Software

EquityNet entrepreneurs can view detailed profiles of thousands of individual investors and investment groups. Each detailed profile describes the particular interest of each investor so entrepreneurs can pursue highly targeted funding prospects. Entrepreneurs can then share their business plan and communicate with investors.

Business Profiles

Why EquityNet Software

Investors and business supporters can, in minutes, search and sort thousands of businesses using our patented analytics and benchmarking capabilities. Businesses can be sorted by EquityNet's business plan analytics, popularity, revenue, funding goal, and many other attributes. Standardized Business Plan Analysis™ reports can easily be viewed and readily compared to assess and qualify investment opportunities for further due diligence.


Why EquityNet Software

Many studies have found that due to their highly non-standard structure, traditional business plans are laborious for investors to review and that time constraints prevent them from studying plans in detail. EquityNet solves this “business plan problem” by producing Business Plan Analysis reports in a concise, standardized format that many investors prefer and can readily adsorb. These reports provide comprehensive business plan benchmarking and analysis.

Star Rating

Why EquityNet Software

Star ratings are generated for all businesses at EquityNet so that investors can easily screen companies with confidence. Whether the rating relates to popularity, or the Enterprise Analyzer's business plan analytics, our goal is to help users sort through an enormous amount of information in the best way possible.

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