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Patented Analytics

EquityNet offers one of the most advanced business plan risk, return, and scoring analytics tools available to entrepreneurs, investors, and business supporters. Our patented Enterprise Analyzer™ technology is one of the only software systems that analyzes privately-held businesses and estimates business plan valuation, risk, investment return, undercapitalization, and many other business scoring factors.

EquityNet's subscribers use our patented analytics to:

  • Entrepreneurs: Analyze and improve their business plan and prepare for funding before they engage investors.
  • Investors: Screen business plans to quickly identify prospects.
  • Supporters: Assess and support client companies with analytical insight and guidance.


Why EquityNet Software

Enterprise Analyzer estimates business plan valuation based on 3,000+ private and public market ratios and factors. Proprietary valuation correlations for each specific sector are incorporated into a discounted cash flow model that is adjusted dynamically based on comparable rates of return within EquityNet's real-time peer benchmarking database.


Why EquityNet Software

Enterprise Analyzer estimates business plan risk based on statistics from 500,000 cases of business failure and success. It compares 30+ business attributes to EquityNet's proprietary risk correlations to compute business plan risk. Enterprise Analyzer then generates multiple metrics of risk, including the probability of business plan survival and 10 dimensions of business plan risk such as management risk, market risk, and capitalization risk.


Why EquityNet Software

Enterprise Analyzer estimates the potential rate of return of the business plan based on the premium or discount of the business' assumed valuation as compared to the valuation estimated independently by Enterprise Analyzer. Two metrics of return are produced for each business plan, risk-adjusted rate of return and risk-unadjusted rate of return.


Why EquityNet Software

Enterprise Analyzer estimates potential deficiencies in the projected capitalization plan of businesses. Undercapitalization is determined by comparing risk-adjusted free cash flows to the projected net capitalization of businesses within the context of achieving positive net cash flow from operations.

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