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International Platform Licensing

License EquityNet's leading technology

to launch a crowdfunding platform

in your country.

Patented Analytics

  • Entrepreneurs: Analyze and improve their business plan and funding preparation before they engage investors.
  • Investors: Screen and analyze investment opportunities to quickly identify funding prospects.
  • Supporters: Assess and support client companies with analytical insight and guidance.
Business Plan Software Image
Business Plan Software Image

Business Benchmarking

  • Entrepreneurs: Compare their businesses to peers in their industries to identify and refine abnormal projections.
  • Investors: Benchmark and validate investment opportunities and the projections made by entrepreneurs.
  • Supporters: Benchmark and support client companies with analytical insight and guidance.

Best System Available

  • Entrepreneurs: Engage investors through a platform that increases their chances of raising capital.
  • Investors: Discover and screen investment opportunities through the most advanced system available.
  • Supporters: Provide client companies an efficient source of investment capital.
Business Plan Software Image

Licensing Structure

  • Annual platform license
  • Revenue share per quarter
  • Maintenance and support