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EquityNet Featured In Fast Company
Below is an article by Fast Company entitled "Your Expert Field Guide to Finding Startup Investors"

Your Expert Field Guide to Finding Startup Investors
By Murray Newlands, Fast Company
October 9, 2015

Preparing for a round of series A funding can take a long time. My team and I have spent the better half of the past year reading up. I've had to get to know hundreds of investors in order to see whether they'll consider investing in my business. It's been an intensive but hugely educational experience, and I've learned how to establish the kinds of meaningful relationships that startups depend on. Here are a few of those tactics.

Where To Find Investors

The Internet has made it easy for startups to find investors unobtrusively. But there are also plenty of ways to track down potential investors offline. Here are a few places to look.

Investors tend to update their pages and profiles on social channels pretty regularly. You can follow them on whatever sites they prefer, whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, or any other professional social networking sites. Their comments, tweets, and status can actually help you get a better understanding of their styles, points of view, and the sorts of businesses that interest them.

A directory like AngelList is a good place to create a profile so you can check out potential investors' portfolios. This also gives you a chance to see who might have their eyes on you and your company.

Many investors have their own blogs where they offer commentary on the business environment that lets you get a better sense of their philosophy and values.

There are a number of startup platforms and crowdfunders that can help you keep track of what investors are doing. Some of the best places to follow potential investors include Gust, Dreamfunded, OurCrowd, EquityNet, and MicroVentures.

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