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Below is an article from Bloomberg entitled "Fintech: Revolution or Hype"

Fintech: Revolution or Hype
By Edward Robinson, Bloomberg
November 26, 2018

Not so long ago, home buyers, entrepreneurs and college students went hat-in-hand to the bank to apply for a mortgage, small-business credit line or student loan. Financial technology, or fintech, is rapidly changing all that by making it easier to save, borrow and invest online or with a mobile device, without ever dealing with a traditional bank or broker. For old-fashioned banks and money managers, fintech is causing dramatic upheaval, possibly the most since mainframe computers first whirred to life on Wall Street in the 1960s. It’s caught the attention of wary regulators. Industry veterans are watching, too — some cheering, others booing — to see if the hype becomes reality and threatens competitors or perhaps their own jobs. Will the promise of a digitized and democratized financial-services industry bring more competition, lower costs and greater access for all? Or will the dominant players ultimately stay on top, with their hefty fees, commissions, compensation and gatekeeper roles largely intact?