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EquityNet Launches New Crowdfunding Platform

Patented Technology Will Advance the Crowdfunding Industry

Salt Lake City, UT, April 27, 2021 (GlobeNewswire) -- EquityNet, the pioneer of business crowdfunding, is announcing the release of a new patented crowdfunding platform that advances the state-of-the-art in the industry. The new platform technology provides unique campaign promotion and communication abilities for entrepreneurs combined with the industry's most advanced screening technology for investors. The underlying technology of EquityNet is based on standardization, patented analytics, and the largest business benchmarking database in North America.

Judd Hollas, founder of EquityNet, stated, “Entrepreneurs in EquityNet have the industry's most comprehensive set of crowdfunding tools, including guided business profiling, business planning software, document management systems, public crowdcasting, private funding network, activity tracking, and an integrated messaging system. By automating many of the tasks our peers perform manually, we have effectively lowered the cost of crowdfunding and enabled a truly affordable pathway for entrepreneurs.”

Investors in EquityNet are empowered with the capabilities needed to screen thousands of business deals efficiently and to make informed investment decisions. Investors can search and sort businesses by multiple factors such as industry, revenue, valuation, and EquityNet's patented star ratings. Investors can then review a standardized profile for each business that provides the detail necessary to decide whether they want to spend further time researching the business opportunity.

“EquityNet operates one of the industry’s leading crowdfunding platforms and provides the most advanced technology to its thousands of members, including entrepreneurs, accredited investors, and institutions. EquityNet’s new platform provides businesses a range of tools to advertise their need for funding, showcase their business profile, and analyze and refine their business plan,” says Jehuel Larios, Chief Investment Officer of EquityNet.

Since its founding in 2005, thousands of privately-held companies and accredited investors have joined the EquityNet community to generate over $500 million in funding. The multi-patented EquityNet platform features over 10,000 listed companies covering all business maturities and industry sectors. Entrepreneurs can engage individual investors, angel groups, and venture capital funds on EquityNet to obtain the capital they need. Investors can check out any of the thousands of companies currently listed on EquityNet to find those that interest them.

About EquityNet

EquityNet is a recognized pioneer of crowdfunding and has operated one of the largest business crowdfunding marketplaces since 2005. EquityNet provides access to thousands of investors and has helped entrepreneurs across North America raise over $500 million in investment capital.

What People Are Saying

“Where to find funding for your business”
“EquityNet is addressing 90% of the business community that was previously starved for capital”
“Choosing a crowdfunding platform like EquityNet gives the tone of a serious business venture”
“EquityNet's business planning tool is solid and can help speed startups toward getting funded”
“Long before Kickstarter, Indiegogo or Rockethub came around, there was EquityNet”
“EquityNet has positioned itself as a leading business crowdfunding platform”
“EquityNet is the only patented crowdfunding platform in the world”