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Press Release - Matthew Imhoff Joins EquityNet as Vice President of Business Development

Fayetteville, AR -- EquityNet, LLC announced today that Matthew Imhoff is joining the EquityNet team as Vice President of Business Development. In making the announcement, EquityNet CEO Judd Hollas stated, “We are delighted that Matthew is joining our team to lead our business development activities. Matthew began working as a consultant with EquityNet in mid-2009, and, given his distinguished skill set and level of execution, we are very pleased to have him join our team full time. His leadership abilities, teamwork, specialized domain knowledge, and passion for EquityNet’s mission will enable him to have a great impact on the success of our company.”


In response to his new role with EquityNet, Mr. Imhoff said, “EquityNet represents a unique opportunity for me to apply my interdisciplinary knowledge in a two-sided market that has yet to experience the kind of sophisticated system that we are commercializing. It’s no secret that inefficiencies in the private equity domain cause many otherwise game-changing businesses to go undercapitalized. EquityNet’s solution will empower entrepreneurs with what they need to achieve their goals while bringing new investors, who would otherwise only invest in public companies or not invest at all, into the private equity domain. The economic repercussions of such efficiencies, the class A management team at EquityNet, and the top-notch company culture fuels my passion for this organization and this position.”


Mr. Imhoff will work closely with the CEO in executing EquityNet’s strategy for business development and will also be responsible for a portion of all sales and marketing efforts. Mr. Imhoff’s primary focus will be to execute business development and partnering strategies on the entrepreneur side of the market, which includes individual entrepreneurs, government programs, business incubators, and business support consultants. In his new role at EquityNet, Mr. Imhoff will leverage his experience in tech-based business development and management, web development and online marketing, strategic planning and marketing, and market and competitive research.


Prior to joining EquityNet, Mr. Imhoff worked as a business consultant for in Newton, Massachusetts, where he assisted MyZeo in preparing for its first product launch. Mr. Imhoff also provided business consultancy services for Agiltron of Woburn, Massachusetts, a leading producer and developer of innovative photonic components and systems, where he conducted market research for new product development and developed the company’s business plan to bring to market a newly-developed nanotech product. Mr. Imhoff has previously worked as a Product Engineer for Ayrshire Electronics in Fayetteville, Arkansas; as an Analyst at the Arkansas Capital Corporation Group in Little Rock, Arkansas; and as a Research Assistant at Harvard University’s Accessible Technology Laboratory in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Mr. Imhoff earned his B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Mathematics from the University of Arkansas. He subsequently earned his M.S. in Technological Entrepreneurship from Northeastern University where he held the Samuel and Nancy Jo Altschuler Fellowship.