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Press Release - Adam Vanderbush Joins EquityNet as Vice President of Marketing

Fayetteville, AR - EquityNet, LLC announced today that Adam Vanderbush has joined the EquityNet team as Vice President of Marketing. In making the announcement, EquityNet Founder and CEO Judd Hollas stated, “We are delighted that Adam has joined the EquityNet team full time to lead our web marketing efforts. Adam began working with EquityNet as a consultant in 2012 and generated impressive results for us in just a few months.  He brings a special and highly valuable set of skills to EquityNet that will enable us to rapidly scale up our member population and maintain our leadership position in the equity crowdfunding industry.


In response to his new role with EquityNet, Mr. Vanderbush said “EquityNet exhibits a great opportunity for me to apply my multi-faceted knowledge in internet marketing to a market leader in crowdfunding technology. EquityNet’s patented technologies will make a great impact on entrepreneurs and investors alike, solving many problems traditionally hindered by the funding process. With crowdfunding now being a household name, and equity crowdfunding gaining steadily in demand and popularity, I look forward to joining the top-notch leadership team in expanding the market awareness of EquityNet."


Mr. Vanderbush will lead EquityNet’s marketing strategy to maintain the Company’s leadership position and to significantly expand the market awareness of EquityNet. He will be responsible for collaborating with the EquityNet team to improve and expand the Company’s web marketing presence and associated traffic, including paid advertising, organic search engine rank, social media, and many factors of viral growth.


Prior to joining EquityNet, Mr. Vanderbush previously served as Inbound Marketing Coordinator and Technical SEO for Acumen Brands in Fayetteville, Arkansas, where he helped the startup online retailer increase organic revenue by 3,200% in over 2 years. Mr. Vanderbush also founded Mass Vector, LLC, an online software as a service providing merchandising and pricing optimization for ecommerce companies. Mr. Vanderbush is a web marketing and Search Engine Optimization expert in terms of category and keyword research for revenue growth. He has much experience in editing website architecture, optimizing on-page factors, and aggressive inbound link acquisition. He has managed social and content marketing campaigns within Facebook, Twitter, and store blogs, all with a focus on First and Zero Moment of Truth marketing methodologies. He has project managed the implementation of many marketing services, including the LinkShare Affiliate network and e-mail marketing with MailChimp. He spends much of his time going over large quantities of competitive and business intelligence to discover and implement new opportunities for growth. Mr. Vanderbush earned his BM in Music Business with a Minor in Marketing at the J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences and Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas.