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EquityNet Completes Beta-Testing and Commercially Launches Enterprise Analyzer™

Fayetteville, AR -- EquityNet, LLC announced today the commercial release of its advanced Enterprise Analyzer™ tool for private investors and entrepreneurs. With this release, EquityNet is the first to market with a patent-pending automated system for business scoring, analysis, and risk prediction.

In speaking about Enterprise Analyzer, Judd Hollas, CEO and CTO of EquityNet said, “We have developed the first system to automate the business screening process for entrepreneurs and investors – a system based on our leading patent-pending technologies. This statistical software application significantly improves the investment process for both entrepreneurs and for investors.  It is the first tool capable of predicting the probability of survival, market valuation, and benchmarking a number of analytical metrics against other competing businesses."

Dan Loague, Executive Director of The Capital Formation Institute and Former Director of the National Association of Seed & Venture Funds, said "EquityNet's Enterprise Analyzer is a first rate tool that appeals to first-time and experienced investors, as well as entrepreneurs. Surprisingly sophisticated and precise, Enterprise Analyzer imitates how investors take a "first look" at an emerging enterprise. EquityNet gets high marks for a design with both the investor and entrepreneur in mind."

EquityNet provides services that are cost effective but substantially ahead of existing on-line tools for simple deal workflow management. EquityNet’s Enterprise Analyzer is the only system that automates the actual screening-level analysis of young businesses. For a fraction of the time and cost of conventional enterprise screening, Enterprise Analyzer captures business information directly from investment prospects and then immediately provides investors an advanced "Business Plan Analysis" report.

Mr. Hollas praised the support the Company has received during the two-year development cycle from consultants, the Company’s development partner Veri-Source of Bentonville, Arkansas, and a large group of beta test participants. "In just two short years, we conceived and developed an advanced system to perform what some thought would be impossible. With our consultants and development partner Veri-Source, we assembled a first-class team with the necessary expertise and breadth to produce that system, Enterprise Analyzer.”

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