Raise Capital

Use flat-fee crowdfunding with no commissions.
Raise business capital of $100K to $100M.
Connect directly with accredited investors.
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Entrepreneurs use EquityNet's unique capabilities to analyze and optimize their business plans before they engage investors. Investors and business supporters use EquityNet's advanced technology to efficiently screen and analyze businesses to fund and support entrepreneurs.
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A Network For Everyone
EquityNet accepts all legal and ethical companies. Our competitors accept less than 5% of all companies who apply.
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We Never Take a Cut
EquityNet charges a low, flat fee to access our vast funding network. Our competitors charge 7%+ of your funding.
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Quality Investors Only
EquityNet only works with high quality, accredited investors. Our competitors promote non-accredited + micro-investors.

Successful Campaigns

Computer & Control Systems, Robotics

Digital Dream Labs, Inc.


Web Service Software

OnFarm Systems Inc.



Innovative Wellness Solutions



MedAware Systems, Inc.





Industrial & Manufacturing

Biologics Modular, LLC


Information Technology Services

Medicom Technologies, Inc.


Transportation & Distribution

Linear Labs Inc.


Consumer Products

SoNo 1420 Artisan Distillers LLC


Consumer Products

Xero Shoes | Feel the World, Inc.


Why Choose EquityNet?

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$600 Million Raised
1,000+ companies have raised over $600 million in investment capital on the EquityNet platform.
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Patented Technologies
EquityNet’s 5 U.S. crowdfunding patents have been cited by dozens of Fortune 500 companies.
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15+ Years Experience
Founded in 2005, EquityNet is the first business crowdfunding platform launched in North America.
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25,000+ Investors
EquityNet boasts over 25,000 accredited investors including individuals, angel groups, and VCs.
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Proprietary Data
Use EquityNet's proprietary data and analytics to empower you to make the best possible decisions.
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Resource Library
EquityNet’s resource library helps alleviate confusion around new terminology and legal language.
Subscription Options
Upgrade to premium at anytime with no long-term commitment
Plan Includes:
EquityNet account
Funding profile creation
Viewable investor network
Dedicated customer support
Get Started
Full Service
Plan Includes:
Everything in Starter and DIY +
Expert EquityNet consulting
Refinement of business profile
Feedback on campaign docs
Business plan optimization
Special marketing promotions
Daily campaign management
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EquityNet Features
Campaign Preparation
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Business Profiling
Guided process for creating a comprehensive business and funding profile.
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Business Planning Software
Patented planning and analysis system for creating an optimal business plan.
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Document Management System
Integrated system for uploading and sharing any type of files and documents.
Campaign Promotion
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Public Crowdcast
Public invitation system for uploading contacts and promoting business profiles.
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Private Funding Network
Network of investor profiles with integrated abilities for sharing and communicating.
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Activity Tracking
Advanced real-time tracking system for monitoring all investor engagements.
Campaign Funding
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Investor Management
Search and sort systems for identifying and managing investors of interest.
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Integrated Messaging System
Integrated system for sending, receiving, and tracking messages with investors.
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Due Diligence Support
Comprehensive systems and information for investors to make efficient decisions.

How It Works: Entrepreneurs

How It Works

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Create Profile

Create and publish a profile with your business and funding needs for Equitynet investors.

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Optimize Plan

Use patented business plan and analysis software to optimize your planning.

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Find Investors

Browse detailed investor profiles by location, type, investment amount, and more.

What People Are Saying

“Where to find funding for your business”
“EquityNet is addressing 90% of the business community that was previously starved for capital”
“Choosing a crowdfunding platform like EquityNet gives the tone of a serious business venture”
“EquityNet's business planning tool is solid and can help speed startups toward getting funded”
“Long before Kickstarter, Indiegogo or Rockethub came around, there was EquityNet”
“EquityNet has positioned itself as a leading business crowdfunding platform”
“EquityNet is the only patented crowdfunding platform in the world”